Executive Committee

The Executive Committee considers all matters presented to it by the President, the Council, or an individual member and make appropriate recommendations for action; assists the President in setting the agenda for Council meetings; annually reviews the purpose and membership of each committee to assure that it is functioning as intended by the Council. The Executive Committee meets one week prior to the Council meeting and may be called for special meetings as needed.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee maintains a current membership roster; maintains attendance records of all meetings; oversees the selection of Council representatives; and annually reviews the Council's membership structure to assure that all areas of the university are appropriately represented.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee plans at least one Employee Information Fair at which university employees can meet Council representatives and learn about Council activities; plans the annual Town Hall Meeting with the university president; works with Emory Report to publicize the Council and its activities; and supports other efforts to increase awareness throughout the university community of the Council's purpose and activities.

Hardship Fund Committee

The Hardship Fund Committee shall be responsible for creating awareness and soliciting donations for the Emory University Hardship Fund.

Special Issues

Addresses issues identified by the Council President, the Executive Committee or the Council. Subcommittee members shall serve until their subcommittee has fulfilled its charge as determined by the Council. At such time they may be appointed to another subcommittee.


The Senate ex‐officio members (President, President‐elect, and immediate Past President), selected representatives, and Senate Committee members shall comprise the Senate Representative Committee of the Employee Council. This Committee shall be chaired by the immediate Past President of the Employee Council and shall be convened as needed.