The Employee Council is authorized by the president of the university as an organization through which employees of the university can participate responsibly and meaningfully in the governance of the university community. While the Employee Council is not a decision‐making body in regard to university policy, it shall provide information and ideas to those in decision-making positions. It shall seek to represent an employee perspective to the administration and shall support that perspective for the betterment of the university community. Specifically, the

Council shall:

  1. Address issues of common concern involving the life of the university;
  2. Communicate with employees at all organizational levels regarding the various policies, practices, and programs of the university;
  3. Seek to foster closer working relationships between the organizational areas and groups of employees at Emory by endorsing and promoting community‐building programs and activities;
  4. Deliberate on policies and programs proposed by the Department of Human Resources, by Council representatives, or by members of the faculty and staff, and when appropriate, make recommendations to the appropriate authorities of the university; and
  5. Actively supports the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.