Established in 1970 by the president of Emory University, the Employee Council facilitates communication between Emory employees and university administration and serves as an advisory body to the president.

The Employee Council represents the perspective of employees to the administration (recommending change when appropriate), facilitates communication between the administration and employees at all organizational levels regarding university policies, practices, and programs and fosters closer working relationships between organizational areas and groups of employees.

Members are charged with taking the information they receive at monthly meetings back to their respective areas, as well as soliciting feedback from their colleagues and reporting back to the Employee Council. Employee Council activities include:

  • Sponsoring the annual Presidential Town Hall
  • Representing staff concerns in the proposed benefits changes
  • Addressing questions about shuttle service and parking
  • Participating in blood drives, food drives, and community service activities
  • Exploring the Strategic Plan for staff members

Another goal of Employee Council is to help promote community‐building programs and activities at Emory. These activities include attending performances on campus, tours of new buildings, and athletic events, to mention just a few.